Replacing 42 million plastic bags, the italian brand Pasta Agnesi launches a 100% compostable packaging solution for its product range.

Pasta Agnesi launches an innovative, sustainable, 100% Compostable Packaging

Agnesi, the Italian pasta factory, traditional symbol of excellence in the processing of wheat flour since 1824, has developed a new, innovative packaging, sustainable and “circular by design”.

ClearCompost®  is the 100% compostable packaging, based on fully renewable raw materials – including Mater-Bi® by Novamont. These plant-sourced materials- such as corn and cellulose – are able to protect the product, maintain shelf-life and guarantee perfect food preservation. Moreover, they are able to respect the delicate balance of food taste and texture.

Designed by Sacchital to meet the principles of the Circular Economy, ClearCompost® is certified as compliant with the UNI EN 13432 standards. As such, it can be recovered with organic waste, and through the process of industrial composting it can be transformed into a natural fertilizer.

This is the mission of the “Green Revolution” Colussi Group has started in 2020, with the goal to promote environmental sustainability. After the recent relaunch of the Misura Brand, it’s now time for the Pasta Agnesi items. Colussi takes care not only of our wellbeing, but also of our planet and our soil by choosing ClearCompost®. This exclusive, certified 100% compostable packaging solution, with a biodegradable Mater-Bi® soul, enables to turn food waste into a compost rich in nutrients for the soil.

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