TicinoPlast leading player in polyethilene blown film extrusion

Founded in 1967 Ticinoplast is a leading player in polyethylene blown film extrusion in the food, industrial and pharmaceutical flexible packaging markets.


It currently operates with 10 extrusion lines from 1 to 5 layers. Ticinoplast  can be trusted as a real partner of technological innovation thanks to its commitment in Research and Development combined with a real focus on the market evolution. This approach allows Ticinoplast to offer, besides traditional sealing films, a complete and wide range of specialty films.

Ticinoplast‘s films are the results of strict collaborations with suppliers and customers in order to create and offer the best packaging solutions. Ticinoplast turns its attention to customer service and offers, besides a careful industrial planning, also logistics services.

Over the last years, following a growing interest to environmental topics, Ticinoplast has directly faced the plastic topic concentrating its Research & Developing efforts in order to offer circular economy solutions to flexible packaging market.

From this vision is born NextFilm™, the new products line that include a complete family of film designed to create compostable laminates. All film are OK Compost certified.

TicinoPlast, Itscompostable

Stiff printable films, both in flexo printing and in rotogravure, are already available and are designed to be laminated  with smooth and sealable films.
Ticinoplast also produce compostable films that could be laminated with paper in order to give an excellent sealability, have also developed special films for fresh vegetables and bakery markets.

Reduction of plastic content

Another important argument faced is reduction of plastic quantity in a film, Ticinoplast has developed some foamed films with a reduction of polyethylene till 20% in weight compared to a traditional film.

TicinoPlast, Itscompostable

Ticinoplast will shortly introduce polyethilene films made with post consumer resins (pcr) from chemical recycling and with food caontact approval. Ticinoplast will also introduce biobased polyethilene films.

All those opportunities represent the future of our world; all in a single word: Nextfilm™.

For a further contribution to the circular economy, we have shared our know-how relating to the world of packaging with international partners in order to develop bi-oriented polyethylene films. These films, which guarantee superior optical and mechanical characteristics compared to traditional films, will revolutionize the world of packaging in the near future.

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