Solutions for the eco-design of recyclable or compostable packaging

SAES Coated Films designs, produces and deposits high barrier or active coatings on plastic or bio-material films for food, personal care and industrial flexible packaging.

Its innovative water-based coating technology, called Coathinkā„¢, enables packaging design in respect of the principles of the circular economy


Who we are

SAES Coated Films is part of the SAES Group™, a company that has been inventing and producing advanced functional materials for high-tech applications for more than 70 years.

SAES Coated Films specializes in functional polymeric coatings that, applied to plastic or bio-plastic films, optimally protect the packaged product, preserving it from premature decay and preventing its waste. Coathink ™, the proprietary water-based coating technology, allows you to design flexible high-barrier packaging that meets the requirements of recyclability and compostability. The requirements for the food product preservation are therefore reconciled with those for the environment, thanks to the rigorous scientific approach derived from years of SAES experience

SAES Coated Films, Itscompostable

SAES Coated Films brings to the market the experience and scientific skills gained in SAES laboratories, a team of researchers and technicians with state-of-the-art equipment able to study in detail and overcome all the technical issues of a film.

SAES Coated Films, Itscompostable

The scientific approach

Thanks to the analytical capabilities of its laboratories, SAES Coated Films designs new packaging solutions and contributes to produce them by means of  the application of patented lacquers via its proprietary water-based deposition technologies. The innovations conceived in the laboratory are validated on a cutting-edge coating and lamination pilot line, to offer converters a product guaranteed for industrial-scale production.

The technology

COATHINK™ is the water-based deposition technology that uses patented functional lacquers to enable the design of high barrier or active packaging in compliance with the principles of the circular economy.

Coathink-coated films are able to preserve the shelf life of the food product with the same or even better performance than traditional multi-material packs. The coating technology offers the possibility of functionalizing the film with less than one micron of barrier material and this in some applications translates into less than 1-2% of the total weight of the packaging.

With the same performance, the structure of the packaging is simplified and the end of life is facilitated: the packaging, in the post-consumer phase, can be entirely recycled (when the base films are made of plastic) or composted (when the base films are biodegradable and compostable).

The product

Under the Coated Compost brand, SAES Coated Films sells high barrier compostable films (compliant with European standard EN 13432), either transparent or lacquered and metallized.

In particular, the new lacquered and metallized Mater-Bi film, thanks to the Coathink ™ technology, achieves exceptional barrier performance, comparable to that of traditional multi-material laminates that are usually not recyclable. The permeation of oxygen (OTR) and water vapor (WVTR) into the packaging is minimized and kept close to zero even in severe conditions of temperature and humidity.

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