From today, your packaging can be 100% compostable and high barrier


The new and revolutionary 100% compostable packaging, based on paper and biopolymer, with exceptional high barrier properties such as to guarantee the optimal conservation of perishable food products, is born from a completely “Made in Italy” project.

The packaging consists of two layers: a compostable biomaterial film, lacquered and metallized to obtain an oxygen and moisture barrier, and an outer layer in compostable paper for a traditional look that is immediately recognizable by the consumer as a “natural” material.

Conceived inspired by the principles of the circular economy, the new packaging is designed to be, at the end of its life, transferable to wet waste destined for industrial composting, where compost rich in nutrients is produced that promote fertility and regeneration of agricultural soil.

Innovation is sustainable

  • 100% Compostable, compliant with European standard EN 13432
  • Paper outer layer for a traditional look and a pleasant "Paper touch"
  • High barrier to oxygen and humidity
  • Suitability for food contact
  • Ultra-high definition printing with compostable inks
  • Guaranteed product shelf-life, in line with traditional packaging

With the Technological Innovations of:



What is in the new high-barrier compostable packaging?

Mater-Bi biomaterial and FSC® paper: all compostable materials.

The barrier is made up of a very thin coating which is compatible with composting processes.

Where should the new pack be disposed of after use?

The compostable pack can be disposed of with the bio-waste.

It will degrade completely in the composting plant, just like an orange peel.

What does "compostable packaging according to EN13432" mean?

It is an EU standard that defines the requirements for a material to be compostable.

Certified compostable packaging disintegrates and biodegrades in compost without modifying its properties and without contaminating it.

So can the compostable packaging be recycled?

Collecting it in the bio-waste for composting is recycling!

When the compost produced is used for agricultural soil, it will generate new natural resources which can also be used to produce new biomaterials.

What is compost?

It is an agricultural soil conditioner that improves the physical characteristics of the soil.

Similar to loam, it is inert and odourless and rich in nutrional substances that improve the structure of the agricultural soil.

Will the pack residues harm the soil?

Certified compostable materials pass the germination test.

It has been verified that high quality, healthy plants can be grown in compost containing the packs.

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