The presentation of the NextFilm™ product line has been published in the September/October issue of the italian Converting magazine

NextFilm™ is the expression of TicinoPlast commitment to Circular Economy. The first films introduced to the market are compostable films; 5 different films that are the foundations of project. 2 printing support films and 3 sealing films developed in collaboration with Novamont SpA. Those films are extruded from new Mater-Bi® resins specifically designed for flexible food packaging market.

Particularly, to one of printing support, SAES Coated Films with her own technology COATHINK™, applies high barrier properties. Sacchital is the converter implementing the printing process with the exclusive use of 100% compostable inks and the laminating process using bio-films alone or with selected paper-based layers, FSC® certified paper- based layers. The final result is PaperCompost HB®. Decisive the contribution of IMA FLX HUB, which tested the laminate on vertical and horizontal packaging lines.

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